Who’s To Blame???

By biswasankita
June 16, 2017

Blame Blame Everywhere,
Not one person responsible
Politicians to common man
Blame game just goes on and on

An endless flight of words
A never-ending trail of actions
There is nothing more appalling
Than our beloved gutting us with reactions

We have come a million years since evolution
We still seem to not have evolved
We still ponder over bitter details
That were probably long forgotten or lost

We know how to bring a change in the society
We strive to not make any change somehow
We love to blame everything all on others
To see that a chance is what we get!

If you could change one thing in this world
What would that change be?
Would you change unreasonable behavior?
Or make everyone do your biding?
Would you take some time out to reflect
Or take it all lying down!

Would you begin the blame game again!
Or would you analyze and describe it!

No ones’ gained from all this strife
No ones’ survived evolution
The way we probably have
Let’s stop this blame game,
  take responsibility
  and move on!!
                                                                – Word Spell (Ankita)

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