Round and Proud!!!

By biswasankita
June 29, 2017

During my growing up years I have been called very kiddish and interesting names like Moti, Fatso, Big Butt, etc.. etc.. etc… Well I got used to these names eventually, but there was always something that pinched me over a period of time… It was the fact that People around me had difficulty accepting that I am Fat or Heavy or simply Round!!!! If THIN is a Shape then so is ROUND!!! Accept it and Move on…

With this little personal experience I am trying to address a much bigger issue at hand. We all have been brought up with a lot of love and affection from our parents and near ones. We have been taught that everybody is equal and everyone is the same, however, it does not hold true in any sense! We have been name calling people who are over-weight and have been subjecting them to various levels of depression. It is not the fact that we are over-weight that defines our Very Being, but the fact that people often get to the ones who cannot emotionally handle it. I have seen many people wanting to lose weight just because SOMEONE else wants them to! Shucks that Sucks! Often times we come across people going through stringent diet schedules to achieve their desired weight on the WEIGHING SCALE, but once you leave that, you are Back to Square One. Please do not do this and cause more damage to your body.

If you remember some years back there was a revolutionary product called Herbalife that was launched for all those obese and fat souls out there… Well, no harm meant to the product or to its image, but it helped a lot of people and also caused a lot of hormonal damage to some. It worked well for a couple of years and then fizzled out (or I believe it did, but if it still does exist I do not know) Every person I know wanted to try this amazing weight loss product that worked like a miracle! But once you left it, well you know what happened… The point I am trying to drive here is that Fat people do not become FAT by will, there are a lot of hormonal problems or metabolism problems that we face that makes us this way. We try really hard to fit in the COOL and AMAZING gang out there, but more often than not, kinda feel left out. We are also normal humans who really want a normal life… So please stop Name Calling Us, Adolescents or Grown-ups!

A little note for my Happily Healthy and Chubby Friends– 
No one has the right to put you down 
You can be loved only once you learn to accept who you are and love yourself back
You have all the right to WEAR anything you want 
Those Who stare at You, STARE BACK 😉 
Carry yourself confidently and no one has the courage to tell you anything 
If YOU want to lose weight, then do it the right way BY EXERCISING
There are no shortcuts in life and DO NOT fall for Bafoons/ Baboons who tell you there are! 

Last but not the least, Round is also a SHAPE and It’s High Time We accept that, as a SOCIETY!

Love to all my Fat and chubby friends from Your Fat and Chubby Friend 😀

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