When My Daughter Became My Friend

By biswasankita
August 5, 2014

When she was little
I held her fondly in my arms 
Caressing her, Cuddling her and looking after her all day long
I made her a promise that day
That she would be mine, as I would hers, till the end of days 

When She became a toddler 
I helped her get her balance right 
Helped her walk and smile bright

She grew up and started going to school
That’s When I knew that we are two bodies and one soul
Her enthusiasm to do things
Her way to conduct things
Her smile and anger, all flushed in one 
She reminded me of me as I was once 

She grew up to venture in her teens
She saw a whole world that was there with smile that would beam 
She took a step forward with an attitude to die for 
She never looked back because she knew far more 

But one thing that she kept a constant eye on
She looked to find me always beside her
She never faltered, she never gave in 
Because she knew that there was one person she could abide in

There came a time when she was all grown up
She became independent, a girl who would never give up 
She advised me on various things, held my hand and stood still
We now talk about everything under the sun 
Because we know there is only one 

That is the day I finally realized 
The pretty girl I raised would never bend 
That is the day When my Daughter became my Friend! 

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