Small Things in Life

By biswasankita
August 8, 2014

Small things in Life,
Small things that bring joy and pride
Small things are one that brings us pleasure
Small things are what we play in leisure

With world so full of strife
There is so much of nothing but rife 
There is no other way to look at life
Than to look at the Small things in Life 

When we grow up 
All we know is
That there was once a beautiful life 
That we all enjoyed and had 
But as we went along we forgot 
What it was to have small things in Life 

When we look back and see 
What is it that we can believe! 
There is nothing more important today in life 
Than to reflect on sweet, small things in Life 

We may not always believe in it
We may not always look at it
We may most of the time ignore it
But at the end of the we know we can all count on it 

Small things in Life
Small things in Life 
Small beautiful things in Life! 

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