An Afternoon of Sorts- Indraprastha Park, New Delhi

By biswasankita
January 5, 2015

Lazy Sunday afternoons are best spent with family and friends enjoying an activity that binds and appeals to all the members. Every weekend we go out to some mall or shopping area of Delhi and spend time walking around and just doing window shopping. Nothing too productive but just a way to escape our daily life. This weekend we decided to do something different. Actually it was more of my husbands thought and idea that we ended up going for a picnic with our daughter and my mother.

Now the idea of picnic is something that still takes us down the memory lane when we used to go with our parents and friends to hill sides or lakes or dams with our picnic baskets and mats and games to play. Kiddos running around everywhere and elders chatting away on a sunny holiday afternoon. This picnic to Indraprastha Park in New Delhi was something similar but still with a difference. Though we packed all the food that our daughter would like to eat there in a bag, we didn’t quite take our food and mats. The park is spread over acres of land with a children’s park, amphi-theatre, a Buddha Stupa with a reclining Buddha statue and a Sitting. One can see people from all spaces and places coming to enjoy a picnic at this park every weekend. Now, the park is also a favourite haunt amongst young love-birds and dating couples. At every corner of and behind trees, near the edges of the park fence, one can see couples sitting arm in arm, snuggling in each other. Maybe not a sight that we may want our kids to observe and follow, however there seems to be lack of space in the city for these young love-birds. However, that said and done, the time when we used to go out for a picnic and now, have changed drastically.

Another thing that caught our attention was the fact that the park was filled with enthusiastic picnickers and families, however none had the basic sense of cleanliness. I have been wondering whether these are things that are taught to everyone or does it come naturally to some! For instance, a family sitting and eating chips next to us was enthusiastically chatting and eating food that was being served at the food stalls and eateries in the park, however once the food finished all they simply did was take the wrappers and throw it down under the bench. Now the dustbin which was hardly 20 metres looked like a gaping hole amidst the clutter of rubbish around it! It did amaze me that why couldn’t they simply take the rubbish and throw it there!

This was just one instance out of so many we observed that lazy Sunday! Though the whole park was littered, the beauty stolen and the vastness suddenly seeming so small, it was nevertheless a picnic that our daughter enjoyed and probably one that we took as a family for the first time in years.

Lets look back and ensure that we set examples of throwing rubbish in dustbins where we go and try to show rather than tell when we want someone to do something right!

Protect our environment and basic enjoyment details by being cautious ourselves!

Happy Picnicking and Holidaying 🙂

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