When You Can Turn Away No Longer

By biswasankita
September 13, 2014

When life brings challenges
They come together as one and more
When life behests you to make tough choices
You don’t know when you can turn away no longer

When you have everything you need
And Yet things seem to slip away
When you have everything you desired
You don’t know when you can no longer turn away

There will come times when you will take a stand
For you, what you believe and what you want
There will come a time when you wouldn’t know what to do
You would not know when you cannot turn away no longer

Life will leave you pondering with a thousand words
Life will beckon you to think about a thousand memories
You will not know what to do and how to do it anyway
You will not know when you can no longer turn away

In these times of test and behest
You can but only rely by your own inner strength
You can think of only the one person who would make you smile
Because that will be the day When ‘No Longer’ will be just a Turn Away…

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