Changing the Inevitable!!!

By biswasankita
January 19, 2015

It seems that we have come a long way from the time we “gained” our independence however certain things have still not changed… Today when I reflect on the past happenings and what I see in Present, I cannot but wonder and help if the Future will be any different! Most of you or us would be wondering what am I trying to convey or write!!!

Well I am still trying to understand the difference of a baby boy being born or a baby girl being born as the first-born of a family! Today we proudly try and show the world that we have come a long way in terms of accepting change and becoming broad minded; by accepting that girls are no different than boys; showing that girls / women are equally capable of achieving great heights better or as good as the boys; but still somewhere we have an insecurity when it comes to a girl being born in a family… I have seen people especially elders brood over the fact that the first child of the family is not a boy and hence there wouldn’t be any celebrations or any calling out to relatives and friends to be a part of as joyous an occasion as a child being born… I have heard people comment that ‘how sad that it is a girl’ Had it been a boy it would be better… Please explain how would it be better… If not for a woman you would not be here and a child would not be born at all… Can no one understand the basics of anatomy or science or whatever it is called!

I have a friend of mine who’s extended family was “blessed” (and I truly mean the word) with a baby girl. Now it is an absolute delight when a child is born, not because it is a girl or boy but because it purely the most innocent soul on earth, devoured of any earthly and material feelings and who is a reflection of the Almighty in whatever way you perceive Her or Him! Now this particular friends extended family was not too pleased with the fact that the baby is a girl because they were sure it was to be a boy. They had prayed, spoken to relatives, looked at the way the mother walked and then deduced that it was to only be a boy. The fault also lay in the fact that the girls mother had very subtly fed it in the daughters head that it is definitely going to be a boy and it should be! (Why the hell should it be man!) Nevertheless when the baby was out the disappointment loomed longer and more than anyone thought it should.. All their dreams of gifting and receiving gifts, enjoying the pride of being called the grandparents or parents of a baby boy came crashing down. So evident was their disappointment that they did not even inform the relatives, did not post a status message (especially because the husband is an avid social media person), did not even offer sweets to the ones who came to visit!
Well my point here is, are you not happy that you were blessed with a baby!

Be it a girl or a boy, the Northern part of India and majority of India still believes in the idiosyncrasies of having a BOY! The fact that the birth of a baby actually has nothing to do with the mother as she is just a bearer of something that has been ‘gifted’ by the husband  🙂 It is basic calculation, but however we still end up blaming the mother Only!!!!! Why!!! Because their parents, their grandparents, their relatives, their extended family in small towns and villages have told them so… No one has educated them telling that having a girl is being blessed with the most wonderful treasures of the world. The things that a daughter would do for her parents, the cutest way she would emotionally always be there for them and for anyone who needs her, the moments she would spare to just see a smile on the face of her loved ones… All these little pleasures in life will only come if you are “blessed” with a Baby Girl 🙂

Again my point here is, whether it is girl or a boy, please feel happy that you have received a gift that some people are tired of trying to have! There are many individuals in Urban and Rural India who cannot conceive due to innumerable reasons and would be happy receive this gift in any form. So when you do have it, please cherish it! You may not be here to see it tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, someone else would be happy to see them also cherish moments with a girl or a boy as long as it is a little angel 🙂

How about growing up and trying to make a small difference in the world by changing our attitude and in turn trying to better the attitude of others! The world needs to grow up, we as a Nation need to grow up and educate our future in a better and matured way…

“Stand Up and Make a Difference Today!”

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