Talk, Talk, Talk

By biswasankita
November 19, 2017

It’s actually quite simple to talk
Open your mouth and pour it all out
Shun the fears all behind
Call out and don’t balk…

The pain to bear it all inside
Is too heavy for the heart to try
To bottle it up and never let it out
Is the biggest peril on one’s mind

These feelings that remain untold,
The hardest for one to hold,
The fate of most relationships
Lies in this silent mould

The importance of which many a couple fail to comprehend
A little talk every day, can go a very long way
To express our desires
To not take it to bed

To thrive in a marriage
To truly become friends
To understand each other
Through easy and simple ways

Get there everyday
Step by step to let it all away
Chaperone your feelings,
Across the bridge, for a journey
To last a long long way…

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