Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times

By biswasankita
September 6, 2017

Ah! The day the husband (then boyfriend) and Wife went out together, the feeling was so magical. There were butterflies fluttering inside the tummy and they felt so weak in their knees. She knew he is the guy for her, probably even before he realized it, but it was sweet venom of love that she wanted to taste. She couldn’t think of passing one day without him being around or at least taking a sneak peak at him. Those were the days that passed them eons ago, but in the window of her mind, she opens them every day to just feel that flutter once again.

Now she (who is also The Wife) is married to the same guy and she still gets the same flutter when she sees him (yes after more than a decade of marriage), but then something did change. What changed? What became of all those years that passed them by in a swish? Are they still capable of feeling the same love inside that they did more than a decade ago? Do they still yearn for the same affection that they actually regaled a long time ago? Probably they do, I do, you do, and maybe all of us do; but how do you actually break it down and work on it! What did the couple do differently then, that most of us don’t do anymore?

I will be taking you through a 5 part series on different relationship goals that you can set for yourself, foremost, to make you enjoy a beautiful time with your partner ahead.
Don’t let the forgotten times be forgotten, make it all come back without compromising on your feelings and that of your partner.

#I #Love #You… words that are spoken of like second nature but hold true in very few scenarios…

Look out for this space more Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times and make it come back all over again…

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