Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times- Contd.. “TIME OFF”

By biswasankita
September 7, 2017

Time Off- When we were working, we actually allowed ourselves to take some time off. We went out together, on dates or an outing with friends, with or without each other. We always had US in our minds, but we did not let that rule the fact that we have our own lives too. Post marriage most of get so wound up in the rigmarole of life and its daily challenges that we have to remind ourselves to take a break. If you thought marriage was a deal breaker, wait till you actually have kids. You will have to take an appointment with yourself to even enjoy a moment of time-off.

Now don’t get me wrong; the love for thy husband and thy kids will always be there, but it is increasingly important to have some time off from all the schedules of the world. Just sit back and relax without a worry to cross you over and overtake the precious time that you want.

I am not sure if you all remember couple of years back- Sex and the City: Part 2. If you have a penchant for ‘phoren’ chick-flick films, then you may have caught up with this movie. Carrie Bradshaw (who is a personal favorite) is one of the four women who know how to live life. So despite all their ups and downs and thundering days at home, they have this place, an apartment that they can escape for some Me-time or Time-off from everything around. That idea clicked with me so much that I wish to have that kind of den of my own one day! So the point being driven here, some men and women may not agree, is that you need to just close all doors and take a vacation, some time off from the chaos around. It applies equally well for your partner too. This will not only infuse a fresh lease of energy, but you will actually appreciate each other and your choices better.

You know that you can take a little time-off either in a coffee shop or reading a book or simply wandering around aimlessly, but that it is your time you are investing in. Take some TIME OFF guys and gals just to enjoy your relationship better and helping yourselves enjoy it better!

Think about it and roll over your thoughts on this side of the bed 😉 …. Until the next one…

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