How To Freelance Like A Business

By biswasankita
December 22, 2020

You Need To Own It To Believe It. Only You Can Make The Difference.

Not just a hustle, it’s your lifeline.
It’s your window to showcase your abilities, your portfolio, your services, your WORK.
There are multiple options available. Check web hosting platforms and their pricing before choosing your antidote.

Nothing beats owning your business like having your website to showcase everything you do. Many web hosting platforms also offer email hosting i.e. having a personalized email option.

You mean business. PERIOD. It will give you a better sense of taking a step towards entrepreneurship.
There are a variety of options available for email hosting. Besides the ones mentioned above, you can also take your pick from BlueHost, Titan Mail, etc.
All the above steps show that you are serious. It Shows Ownership. If you cannot own it, no one will do it for you. Build Your Brand.
Very Important step and take it seriously. Speak with a CA or a Tax consultant to help you analyze your finances and income.

Maintaining a monthly log of income and expenses is the basic step to calculate your income. Use simple excel sheet to begin with.

Setting your quotation for different services will help you create a better portfolio and make you more confident. You will not grapple last minute to give a proper pricing for your services. Do It Now. Check for invoice options and how to get this step right.

If you want to buy a house in a Low Income Group housing project, you cannot do so without having your Form 16 or IT Returns. Think big, Think of your Future. Even if your income is NIL, go ahead and file your ITR. It is not required by law for Women under 5 Lacs of income to file it. But do it, it will come handy later.
Only you can make your Business Stand Out. Start taking baby steps in analyzing your priorities and making your words count.

Every Freelancer has different priorities. But if you are serious about making this your business, start taking these steps.

Before I end, all I want you to think about is- Do you want to make it your business or still treat it like your hobby?

Create, Curate, Converse.

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