Becoming By Michelle Obama

By biswasankita
June 23, 2020

Am I good enough? Yes, I am.
Are we good enough? Yes, we are.

The journey of an average middle-class young girl from the South Side of Chicago to becoming the First Lady of the United States of America (FLOTUS), Michelle Obama has outlined her story in the most intricate way possible.

When we flip through the pages of a book, some stories will inspire you, bring out the best in you, make you feel a part of their journey and, above all, give you hope to live the best version of YOU.

‘Becoming’ chronicles the experiences that have shaped her. The readers are welcome into her world with unnerving honesty and animated wit.   

Michelle – the girl

What happens when a young South Side Chicago girl battles the odds of being the one of ‘colour’ and pushes ahead? The outcome is one of that will lead the reader to be in awe of Michelle Robinson, who later became Michelle Obama.

Right from a young age, Michelle was taught a sense of self-confidence and belief in making her own decisions. This ultimately became the crux of her journey ahead.

Michelle – the ambitious girl

From working in the top firms of Chicago to charting her course through a series of non-profits, Michelle saw the world from a different perspective, her perspective. But she never let her ‘colour’ of skin define who she was.

Her ways to manage her demanding work schedule coupled with being present for her daughters at all times, she has beautifully showcased the struggles that almost all working women go through.

PC: Barack Obama Presidential Library

 Michelle – the FLOTUS

As the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama created the most comprehensive and welcoming White House in the history of its presidencies. While establishing herself as a powerful promoter of woman’s rights and the girls in the U.S., and around the globe, she dramatically changed the way families lead their lives, making them a healthier and more active. Standing with her husband, Barack Obama, as he led the U.S. through the most harrowing moments, she has shown us that there is a silver lining behind every cloud.

Their journey together comes as the assimilation of ideas, passion, the grit to do the right thing and just being focused on whatever you believe. From dealing with the nuances of having a public life to politics to being a highly ambitious career-oriented woman to raising two amazing daughters and all the work that goes on, there is something for everyone to take back from this book.

‘Becoming’ touches you and helps you to reason your aspirations, drives you to achieve what you thought was impossible and helps you get a perspective of the immense opportunities that lie ahead.

My key takeaways-

  • Every journey has its difficulties. It is up to you to make the best of the situation in front of you.
  • You can be anything you want to be, only if you have the grit to achieve it.
  • No journey is complete without the support of your friends, family and close associates. These are the people who get you going even in the toughest times.

This memoir showcases all these emotions and much more.

Warm, wise and visionary, Becoming is a passionate account of a woman of depth and substance; one who has defied all expectations and deftly risen beyond those expectations.

A story that inspires us to do the same.

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