A Word of Advice…

By biswasankita
July 28, 2015


My heart is big and I am strong
I may sound crude, sometimes I am wrong
If you like the sound of words,
There are many ways to listen
There is your heart and mind
All that is left in a whistle…

Come to me like I would come to you
Let go of your fears,
For I am here to make you strong
I can be your guiding light, the one you long
Let the stars shine bright in this evergreen sky
Let me be your happiness and before you bid good bye.

A pauper told me once
I may not have anything to give you
But you can take anything you want from me
My words are the only resort
I speak and you can hear me
I am not rich as you, but a poor being
You are richer than I am, but a poor soul within.

Let me teach you to give your world
Let me be that person to bring a smile within
You may be poorer by a few pounds
But a million hearts you would have found.

Let me be your guiding light
All through your day
All through your night!

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