A Time in Life

By biswasankita
August 13, 2015

Savour the truth
Savour our life
Savour all we have got
This may just be one night!

There are moments in life
When we know not what to do
There are moments in life
That seem so long and forgotten.

If I were to get just one day
I would probably sit and change the course of the day
I would maybe spend it with a few dear ones
I would maybe not do anything, anyway!

Life has its own time
You come once and go away in time
You may not realize how precious you are
But you will probably never know how beautiful you are to me!

Don’t let life wither away
Fight away all ill, in every way
Don’t let illness dampen your spirits
You have come to this and you will come through this all the way!

Be the person that you always were
Strong, independent and always sure
Life cannot take life away from you
‘Cuz you are the only a medium, a score and yew!

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