Your Child is your Mirror

By biswasankita
August 12, 2016

What is more painful for a mother? Caring and caressing a child inside her for nearly 9 months or giving birth to her baby in the most natural way God intended it to be or seeing your little one hospitalised for something that she or he really doesn’t have a clue of!
I think the last one will take precedence over anything for a mother. The pain of our child being admitted and the turmoil that our little one goes through is far more heart wrenching than even giving birth. I write this for and on behalf of every mother who has or is going through this uncalled-for journey
My little precious one
I yearn to see your precious smile everyday
Your little hands holding mine
Our souls tied with each other making sure we are just fine
My heart breaks to see you lying in a bed
That is not cosy and comfy as you have had
To see you so unwell, it tears me apart
To not be able to do anything to ease your pain
Makes me clench my fist, but in vain…
I wish to take all your pain away
To bring and wish it upon me
But I know you are one strong baby
With the free spirit of a stallion
Waiting to get your feet up and run the mile
To crackle everyone with your naughtiness
To have everyone bend to your craziness
I love you with every beating breath
I wait for you each day to come back to your normal life
I wait with abated breath…
I love you my precious little one
And I am waiting for you to come in my arms once again!

A big salute to all the mommies out there to let you know you are much stronger than you think… Love yourself to love your children and you will be pleasantly surprised to see your life come alive!
Cheers to motherhood, parenthood and childhood !!!

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