“We Are Alone”

By biswasankita
August 27, 2014

There comes a time to believe in oneself
To enjoy the small pleasures and transcend oneself
A time to believe and forget small pains
There comes a time when we are all left in vain

We are alone in this world,
Amidst parents, friends and foes
Amidst people we love and who love us more
Amidst all those innately popular beings
We are but alone

We will laugh alone and smile to ourself
We will cause pain and feel it on ourself
We will smile at small passings
We will eventually become one with the masses

There will come a time when we are standing at the edge
Looking far at the horizon
Wondering if thats where it all begins or ends
There will come a time when material things become obscure
There will come a time When You and I will be no more

We came here alone,
Amongst friends and family too we are alone
We made a name for ourself
And now the time has come
We are going to leave this world alone!

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