Our own Minions

By biswasankita
April 6, 2017

Two little hands
Two little feet
One big heart
And a set of perfect teeth

Our own minions are a joy to have
To devour with love
To care and enjoy

Our heartbeat that moves and crawls
Our little minion is here to make us crazy and all
But the one thing that we forget
That they are not only our minions but our little wonders of joy

They are the ones who will carve a beautiful future
Their imagination will speed past us
Their words will be uttered in truthfulness
That not many would be unknown of!

Give them wings to fly
Give them their freedom and joy
They seek a world with eyes full of curiosity
Let them unlearn your past and
Create a world meant only for them.

‘Ts a little ode to all our Minions
Millions of Minions
Spreading joy all around….

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