My Sweet Cupcakes

By biswasankita
October 24, 2018

Today, both my daughters had this amazing idea to bake cupcakes. Not that we don’t buy them off the bakery counter, however, this time they wanted to bake one for themselves (and also indulge in a little sweetness from the bakery).

They finally convinced me, after weeks of persuasion and a long haul, to gather the ingredients and get them the cupcake moulds to start the process. Instead of using ‘all-purpose flour’, we substituted it with ‘wheat flour’ (a little health never killed anybody ehh.. 😉 ). We go the ‘chocolate powder’, ‘salted butter’, ‘eggs’, ‘vanilla essence’, ‘walnuts’, ‘baking powder’ and ‘baking soda’. Now tell me doesn’t it sound all yummy and tempting to actually bake it yourself??

We sieved all the dry ingredients and gave the wet ones a nice whisk with a hand-beater. Everything was moving perfectly well and looked absolutely delicious. (If the unbaked ingredients look so yummy, you can only image how the end result would be, isn’t it?)

We put it in the microwave and baked it for hardly 10 mins and.. Viola.. the cupcakes were baked to perfection. We let them cool down and waited till we could at least try one of them… After a while, we all took the cupcakes and sat down for a hearty sweet feast. One bite and we realized that something was amiss. We could not quite figure out what. Another one got out taste buds closer to realize that we had burnt the cupcakes a little from the inside. Why did this happen? We followed the steps to the ‘T’.

********* Moment of Truth***********

After a deep analysis, my daughter concluded that we may have left the microwave for 2 minutes extra. So, rather than baking it for 8 minutes, we actually baked it for 10 minutes!

************ Cake Measures*************

Life is quite similar to that of a cupcake. We take all the right ingredients and bake it in the oven called life, only to realize that we may have forgotten some crucial element along the way.

Just like the slightly burnt cupcake, we tend to overdo things that may hurt a loved one, cause strife to an unknown person and leave us with a burnt taste in our mouth. We cannot always have a perfect life, ’cause frankly, ‘Perfection’ is an Utopia that everyone dreams of having, but no one can have it. Accept things the way they are and try to make them better, rather than constantly battling against it.

Our lives are also made of these small ingredients that comprise of love, laughter, sadness, richness, poverty, grief, greed, jealousy, selflessness, humility and everything in between..  Just like by missing one ingredient, our recipe can change its taste; similarly, we cannot always dream of having or leading a perfect life. We will face our “Moments of Truth” every now and then, but that does not mean you give up your ‘Cupcake’ forever. It means you learn from it, face it, battle it, and conquer it.

Don’t let one sour moment, ruin your sweetness forever. Life cannot always be a bed of roses, (even roses have thorns). Take some time out and think- does this particular aspect give me happiness? Or would I be better off, if I could let it all go? How do I channelize my thoughts so that I do not let any negativity affect me? Which is the better way to live- being content with what I have or by complaining continuously about what I don’t have?

*************Food for thought********


Baking a cupcake is easy, but leading a life full of every moment is quite difficult. We tend to lose ourselves because of our half-baked ‘cupcake’, but why let it stop you from baking more? You will face difficult situations in life, face unnecessary illogical banter from closed ones and even from friends, but does that mean you keep thinking about it or take peace by letting it all go…

Make your cupcakes sweeter by adding a little ‘YOU’ to your mould. You will be surprised how it actually turns out to be. Neglecting yourself a journey called Life will leave you with a thousand heartbreaks. But, making use of one moment to bring ‘Yourself’ and ‘Your loved ones’ a moment of happiness, will change your life forever.

My Sweet Cupcakes...

Set goals- happiness goals, to take joy in small pleasures of life. Life is just toooo amazing to let it go waste…. Enjoy it! Live it! Be One with it!

************** The End ***********

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