Come Back darling

By biswasankita
December 25, 2015

My life came to a standstill
When I discovered you were no longer here
I saw you leave forever and I just wasn’t sure
How to see you leave or to make you stay
Which was harder I was quite unclear!

Our life has been touched by many
We touched everyone’s too
People thought we were simply perfect
How they did not know
Our lives were changing no one could know.

We stood thick and strong
As a tree between a storm
We made life worth living
Whether it was an occasion big or small!

I knew we would survive everything
However Good Bad or Small
But how do I survive this
Survive it at all!

You are far away and it seems like ages
I wanna bring you back but you are far far away
I wish I had a moment more to tell you
Please don’t leave me, Please don’t go at all!

I will wait for you here forever my darling,
My heart beats for none at all,
Come back to me,
Come back to us all!

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