5 Unique Ways To Get Content Ideas Every Day

By biswasankita
January 10, 2021
The Content Brew

Ideas strike when you are in your most idle state.

Does this sound a little too familiar? I am sure there are a lot of content writers and creative artists who get their best ideas probably sitting in the bathroom, staring at a blank wall, or just when they are about to doze off.

And the most worrisome moment is when the idea is nowhere to be found the next day. Wow! An awesome idea, gone down the drain (or in this case, the memory lane), right?

Now this applies when your mind comes up with an idea on ‘auto-mode’ 😎

Now reverse the situation and try finding an idea.

Anything? Anything at all? Gone all blank!


This is what happens when a writer is in hyper-drive and overthinks about their current situation at hand. If you want to make the best of your writing journey, it is important to read about your field frequently.

Now, I ain’t telling you to read every post that is put up on LinkedIn or something suggested by your friend or the one that pops on your browser, for that matter. I am telling you to find out those topics that interest you the most and ones that make your mind go bamboozled.

That feeling, my friend, is the trick to pull content out the right way.

Let me take you through 5 Unique Places To Get Creative Content Writing ideas, Every. Single. Day. (Tadah…)


I am sure we all know about Quora, and some may also have used it. But do all of us, leverage this platform to get the right content ideas? I guess, no. You would only land on Quora when you ask a question on Google or any other search engine.

What does Quora do then?

It gives you the most relevant answers, followed by answers that are linked to the same question.

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Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

It is a goldmine when it comes to looking for topics to write on. There are tons of genres and trending topics on Quora. By simply going through the repository of questions, you can get your next blog idea! As simple as that.

It is one practice that will also encourage you to read more about your niche and hone your skills further. It unknowingly helps you establish the topics that are dear to you.

(BTW, I still prefer answering questions on Quora😉)


This is probably an underrated place to get your content idea from. Most of us have an Instagram account. We use it for different purposes. Personal use, business portfolio, creating ads, or simply to scroll endlessly.

While doing all this browsing and engagement, have you ever wondered the steps you are following?

Open an account, check your connections, like/comment, follow the person, and lastly engaging with the person/profile. While you do so, you are unknowingly consuming ‘visual content’ that appeals to you or the readers that follow it.

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Photo by lalo Hernandez on Unsplash

For example, MOM (Mad Over Marketing) creates some of the most stunning visuals and Instagram posts. Every post is laden with information, quirk, and delectable copy writing. Does this seem like an opportunity for you to build a case study?

If yes, why not?

This is just one example. There are hundreds of accounts and people who churn out so much information that it can actually stir your creative juices. Just follow the right people and accounts to increase your knowledge, visually.

Why don’t you try doing this? Let me know if it works for you.

(BTW, it has inspired me to note down a couple of blog ideas of fitness, yoga, meditation, nature, etc.😊)

Old Posts

This is another under-utilized medium to get new content ideas for your blogs/articles. Yes, old posts work wonders, my friend.

Try this exercise- visit one of your old posts and try recognizing if you had written that piece. Believe me, more than 50% of the time, you will not be able to recognize a post that was written by you.

Because buddy, the YOU yesterday, is different from the YOU today.

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Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

Now re-purpose the content and voila! you have a smashing new piece of content to be posted on your website, guest posting sites, or even here!

You see the power of old posts! No one remembers what you have posted a year back or a month back or even 3 weeks back. But a good old post, created to suit the current need can definitely stir some emotions.

(BTW, this piece is inspired by a post I had written 3 years back for a client 😜)

You see, I gave you something to think about, right?

Google Mobile Browser

This is actually an interesting way to come up with new and authentic Content Ideas.

When you go to your Google Chrome browser, before you actually go to the site, you are shown a page with the latest news clippings. By simply scrolling down, you are not only getting informed about what’s happening in the world but it also spells a recipe to Create Great Content!

Original pic shot on Samsung M31 and background removed by using an app.
PC: Original (Pic inlay- Google Mobile Browser)
Samsung M31 with the help of a background removal app.
PC: Original (Pic inlay- Chrome Browser (Mobile version))

There are a ton of trending topics that have the capacity to be converted into meaningful posts and blogs if you pay attention to it.

For example- The current information displayed on the Chrome Mobile Browser talks about SEO tips, Lewis Hamilton, Cooking guide, Web design, etc.

See the number of ideas that you can actually get if you look at it the right way!

(BTW, I recently wrote a piece on LinkedIn that was inspired by the pic of an aircraft that I randomly came across on my browser feed)


One of the most useful places to get useful content ideas anytime, from anywhere. SlideShare is a unique platform to discover and share documents, favored by millions of users worldwide.

It is a repository of valuable information and content experience that brings out the best in every category and genre. It is one of the top-rated professional knowledge-sharing platforms there is.

With the number of topics that are updated and present on this platform, you can get tons of information to research and churn out meaningful content that matters to your audience.

For example- if you are good with analysis, you can probably do a quick overview about SlideShare’s recent acquisition by Scribd (business operation effective 24th Sept 2020) or if you love creating content around marketing tools, you can get a one-stop insight into the working of these right here.

See, I have already given you so much to think about.

(BTW, I realized the power of SlideShare when I had to create a presentation a few years ago for an internal client)

The power of content is always over-spoken but under-rated in totality.

There is a difference in creating content and creating unique content. I hope with this article, you can jump on to any of the above-mentioned sites and get your content journey going.

Happy Ideating Folks!

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